Qmethod yoga is a series of movement exercises carefully designed to re-align and re-strengthen the muscles and fascia within your body to remove joint and muscular pain caused by bio-mechanical imbalance, and to increase your movement ability and overall physical well-being. The physical poses are modified to reflect the functional movements that are used in everyday life, enabling you to directly apply the strengths and benefits developed during the class into your normal day. On top of this, the increased awareness of your own movement patterns will create a greater opportunity for mindfulness and calmness as you move through your day, effectively allowing you to "take your yoga practice with you, off the mat!"

The most balanced, coherent, self-generating and self-sustaining form of human movement is the spiral dynamic that forms the basis for our locomotion. By re-enforcing balanced movement patterns that replicate this flow we engender a synchronizing resonance with gravity and the underlying pattern of life and tap into a resource of energy via the elasticity of our myofascial system. We can do this personally by learning how to become centred in and embody the dynamic spiral flow of natural human movement which stabilizes and integrates our physical, mental, and emotional “bodies”.

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