YHH Fees and Charges from January 2020

Please Note: All prices quoted are exclusive of GST which will be added at the time of purchase

Online YHH Membership $17 per week

Online Tao Mae Membership $12 per month

Casual Class Fees

  • 60 minute class : $20
  • 75 minute class : $21
  • 90 minute class : $22

Term Class Fees

Term classes are run in accordance with the School Terms and length may vary between 9 and 11 weeks per term.

Bookings for Term classes are made for the full term, with payment due at the beginning of each term.

At the discretion of Yoga Health & Healing, you may be able to attend a 'Make-up" class for missed Term classes (due to extenuating circumstances), by attending an alternative 'Term' class within the same term.

Casual classes are reserved for paid casual attendance only.

Attendance to “Make-up classes” for missed Term classes is strictly subject to availability and prior booking is required by contacting Yoga Health and Healing via email to yhhperth@gmail.com

  • 60 minute term class : $17 per class
  • 75 minute term class: $18 per class
  • 90 minute term class : $19 per class

Kids Yoga Classes

  • 30 minute class (Term bookings) : $10 per class
  • 30 minute class (casual) : $13
  • 45 minute class (Term bookings) : $15 per class
  • 45 minute class (casual) : $18

Teen Yoga Classes

  • 60 minute class (Term bookings) : $17 per class
  • 60 minute class (casual) : $20

Yoga Session One-on-One

  • Private Yoga session 60 minutes : $120

Loyalty Discount

We offer a 10% Loyalty discount on any second or subsequent Term classes which are booked for the same individual in the same Term period.

Please Note: All prices quoted are exclusive of GST.

GST will be added at the time of purchase

*Fees and Charges are subject to change