Remedial Movement Therapy (RMT) is a holistic approach to restoring pain free movement to your body allowing you to move as efficiently as possible. RMT is an alternative to traditional therapies and differs by identifying and treating the source of pain as opposed to treating only the symptom of pain. Your Remedial Movement Program is designed as an education experience to increase the awareness and understanding of your own body allowing you to develop new alignment, flexibility, and pain-free movement.

Beautiful young woman runner in a green forest.RMT is built around the principles of how the human body moves naturally, how the whole body is connected and how the mind and body work together as a whole system.

How does it work?

The Program is a series of sessions incorporating myofascial release with movement analysis and re-education, massage handsdesigned to realign the body and help reduce chronic tension, stress, and pain. The goal of Remedial Movement Training is to unwind the holding (or strain) patterns residing in your body’s fascial system, restoring it to its natural alignment and symmetry.

Common strain patterns result from unbalanced movement patterns, and our body’s response to repetitive postural habits. Previous injury, trauma or surgery may also result in patterns of strain from the body’s response to these episodes.
Once the strain pattern, or movement restriction is identified, a combination of soft tissue therapy, joint mobilization and Remedial Movement Training are performed to improve your movement. A customized routine is developed for you, which reinforces the treatment process and provides you with the knowledge and skills to maintain your body in optimal condition promoting lasting health and vitality.


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