Bro Yoga delivers the physical and mental benefits of Yoga from a logical and ‘common sense’ approach using science alongside tradition as its framework. The yoga poses are modified to better suit the male body and the class delivery modified to better suit the male mind.

QMethod yoga utilizes Myofascial Alignment Training which is a series of movement exercises carefully designed to re-align and re-strengthen the muscles and fascia within your body to remove the cause of joint and muscular pain, and to increase your movement ability and overall physical and mental well-being.

Myofascia is the connective tissue that penetrates and wraps around the muscles forming the tendons and their attachment to the bones within the body. The myofascial system in our body is a multilayer structure with fascial sheaths wrapping around the muscles and weaving in continuous layers throughout the body. The muscular system creates movement, but it works through the fascia, and it is the myofascial structure that holds us in the shape we are in.

Alignment of the bones, muscles and joints occurs when the fascia is in balance. When aligned gravity acts as a positive force on the body and helps to create energized movement via the elastic properties of the fascia.  A body out of alignment, however, feels gravity as a stress and the muscular demands are increased with the effort required to move because the fascial support and elasticity has been lost.

Technique training is essential in restoring correct movement patterns in the body and to unwind the holding (or strain) patterns residing in your body’s fascial system, restoring it to its natural alignment and symmetry. Common strain patterns result from unbalanced movement patterns, and the body’s response to repetitive postural habits. Previous injury, trauma or surgery will also result in patterns of strain in the fascia.

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