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Holiday Timetable!

16th - 29th April 2018

Below is the timetable for the up-coming school holidays. 

All holiday classes will allow casual attendance and can be booked online here.

Class Descriptions

  • Vinyasa classes are sequenced to smoothly transition from pose to pose, with the intention of linking breath to movement to create a state of flow between the mind and body. Dynamic flowing movement and coordinated breathwork.


  • Yin –Yang classes are a blend of  energized Yang Vinyasa flow, combined with the gentleness of Yin poses and relaxation
    designed to create balance & harmony in your yoga practice.


  • Family Yoga classes allow the parent and child to explore the benefits and fun of yoga together, strengthening the parent and child bond through playful poses and the connection of yoga.


  • QMethod Yoga is a routine of modified yoga poses designed to re-align your musculo-skeletal structure and movement patterns. The modified poses reflect the functional movements that are used in everyday life, enabling you to directly apply the strengths and benefits developed during the class into your normal day.


  • Kids Holiday Program provides 2 hours of holiday fun for kids. Yoga, games, crafts and activities to keep their mind and bodies active over the school break.


  • Bro Yoga for Blokes. A non-traditional, scientific approach to yoga and its benefits. Functional movement and mindfulness based exercise catering to the male mind.


  • Essential Oils and Yoga Masterclass- Enjoy an afternoon of sensory indulgence through Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga infused with the bliss of using essential oils. Flow, stretch and relax before being guided into serenity with Yoga Nidra meditation. Delicious refreshments included.


  • Yoga Fusion classes combine traditional Vinyasa flow with strength, core, focus and balance creating a fusion of strength and stillness in both mind and body.


  • One-on-one sessions can be arranged following an expression of interest. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a private Yoga, Corrective Movement Training, or Remedial session with one of our Instructors.


  • Remedial Massage and Injury Rehabilitation can be arranged by contacting Quinn on 0407 993 203


** Timetable subject to change. All classes are subject to minimum booking requirements. Term classes are paid up front and run for the school term.  For more terms and conditions please visit www.yhhperth.com

Quinn and Susie are two of the most wonderful individuals you will ever meet! Susie’s dynamic, fun and challenging yoga classes offer students such a diversity of experiences. Susie’s classes are more than yoga, they are lessons in self-love, self-acceptance and loving kindness. Susie’s gentle teaching style and exquisite personality truly make the classes. Quinn’s…