Little Yoga Charms

The “Little Yoga Charms” Kids Yoga Program offers a unique type of yoga practice where the child co-creates the lesson using their imagination.

Little Yoga Charms also embraces a community feeling for the children.  When we do yoga together the benefits are incredible:

  • It deepens our connection to others,
  • It enables us to stretch further than usual,
  • It balances us in ways we could not achieve on our own
  • It enhances confidence and communication,
  • It aids us in developing important social skills
  • It helps to explore safe and loving practice,
  • And of course… IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

Little Yoga Charms is about doing yoga together and enriching ourselves and each other, and connecting through this Interactive Practice.

This transforms the class, making it OUR class!!!

We all share the experience, we are all in it together.


Let’s empower our children with the opportunity to connect to others through this interactive practice. This way, we can transform the class, making it OUR class!

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